Class Locator Preferences

The Class Locator uses a superset of class locations where it looks for classes not on the classpath. This superset eventully translate to a set of jar files. However, you do not need to specify each and every inidivdul jar, rather you can specify also directories. These directories are scanned recrusively for any jar files which are then added to the supperset.


Figure 1. Class Locator Preferences Page with both jar files and directories

To understand how directories are treated, consider the following example of a directory structure:


If you add /sample using the add button to the right of the list the generated extended superset includes the both foo.jar and bar.jar.

Note: In the current release directories are not supported as libraries by thier own sake, thus the Sample.class and AnotherSample.class files will not be indexed.

Once you click on OK or Apply, the Path list is searched for and the index is built.


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